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burn out the day, burn out the night

Home in the valley
Home in the city
Home isn't pretty
Ain't no home for me...


The stratosphere of this sphere again found itself blotted out by a solid curtain of ash hued clouds, and the dirty air beneath them did not help much either. But in a few places, sunlight broke through the cracks, creating shafts of light onto the ground, as if the divine itself were highlighting the places the light touched.

And in this land of grey and black, smokestack-laden buildings, and people with gray and black souls, the lost, the hopeless, the populous-- two beings stood out. The only decent sized bit of colour to be found for miles and miles in the endless labyrinth of industrial architechture that is the world inside my mind.

Crimson and Azure.
Two humanoids. Neither of which was human, but both looked the part.
One was a machine, the other was the soul of a machine.
Though many would argue that no machine can ever have a soul of its,
it can be given one.

The Azure being was definitely male in build and feature, standing just short of seven feet tall, he was engineered to look good and at the same time, be built enough to be intimidating. He was boyishly featured, and his right eye was almost completely obscured by an abundance of thick hair of sepia hue. What made him so visually striking was the thick body armor that covered him from the neck down, all painted a deep shade of Azure with black accents. A set of obsidian exhaust stacks rose out of the backplate of the armour at the base of base shoulders, and stopped at about neck-level. His name, C-ZERO-S was tattooed onto the back of his neck, although his hair usually obscured it, and because C-ZERO-S was so clunky and difficult to say, he had shortened it to "Ceros".

Unlike the warmachine he was designed to be, one didn't immediately shy away from him. The way he stood and behaved invited one to come closer.

Ceros stood idle, hands at his sides in a somewhat relaxed stance, simply surveying the crimson coloured female directly in front of him. After a moment's pause, he addressed her, speaking up. "'s time we talked."

Her name did not need to be spoken, one could have guessed what it was simply by looking at her. She was called "Red", but preferred to go by the japanese name of the colour, "Akai".
Akai was exactly like her name would imply. Red virtually everywhere. She was unlike Ceros in almost every way, she was female, for one, she was more human than he would ever be, and she was also much shorter, standing at about 5'5". Deep, dark red eyes, accentuated by lightly bronzed skin and breathtakingly scarlet hair which was kept long, so that it flowed when she moved like the tongues of a flame. When looking in her eyes, it was like she was the one looking into you, she burned into you.
Like her features, she wore red clothing, and wore it tight. She liked to have eyes upon her, and she dressed accordingly to show off her perfect figure-- a relatively low-cut red top matched with a knee length red skirt, held up by a black belt. Around her wrists and ankles were blacked-out, thick bracelets made of rubber with the word "Azeni" engraved in them, but perhaps the most eye-catching thing she wore was a quarter-sized silver medallion, with a blacked out center, and a crimson-hued letter "Z" right in the middle.
She seldom needed to speak, all she really needed to do was look at someone the right way and she could get what she wanted without having to speak a word.

Akai stood completely still for a moment, though her hair did sway with a passing breeze. She was unused to being spoken to directly. She pursed her lips for a moment, thinking of something to say, and as it came to her, a slight smirk crossed her countenance. Then, in the most snide fashion possible, she replied, "It's time you got your head together, and it's also time you stopped trying to speak to me."

Ceros blinked a few times, not quite expecting such a response. "No, if we're both going to exist in this sphere--" he began, and Akai cut him off.
"No, only one of us is going to exist in this sphere. Obviously I'm not going anywhere, so that only leaves you. Goodbye, and don't _ever_ talk to me again, or there will be consequences." And with that, Akai turned her back to Ceros and started walking away.

Akai and Ceros had never met before, and Akai certainly made her intention to never meet again.

Ceros had spent some amount of time in this sphere trying to hunt her down, because of the chaos she kept causing to the world as Ceros knew it, and he wasn't about to just drop it like that. Before Akai had taken three steps away, Ceros had stepped forward, grabbed Akai by the shoulder and turned her around to face him again.
"No, we're not done talking yet. I'm Ceros, and you are Akai. And you've been destroying my world." Ceros growled, still holding onto Akai's shoulder firmly.

Akai grimaced, partially from how tightly he gripped her shoulder, and partially from the blame he was placing on her. "...I haven't destroyed a thing. Your world coming apart is all your own doing, none of mine." She moved to break her shoulder free of his hold, and found that she had no such luck. Ceros tightened his grip.
"you're a bad liar."
She gritted her teeth and glared at him, her crimson eyes aglow with the seething anger and disgust with the blame he placed on her, she felt she had nothing to do with it.
"I have nothing to do with you, and there's nothing wrong with your world. There has never been, and you're inventing things in the absence of nothing being wrong simply out of frustration and a need for disorder. This is your fault, and it has absolutely nothing to do with me."
Again she feigned responsibility, and turned the focus back to Ceros.

Her words cut into Ceros, the same way that a knife cuts into one's body when its blade is sheathed in your flesh. He couldn't take it and looked away, releasing Akai's shoulder.

She could've run now, but she didn't. She'd found the soft spot on him, the proverbial chink in his emotional armor, and being naturally sadistic, she was going to make him suffer. Her eyes narrowed and she grinned maliciously. This was going to be fun.

"You don't belong here, neither do I. I was brought here by someone else. You have noone to blame but yourself for how you got to where you are now, you've noone to blame but yourself for the situation you've emplaced yourself within. Isn't that right? Isn't it true that you're the one that always walks away from everything when you run into difficulties? Isn't it true that you always walk off on that poor girl Nozomi?"

Ceros gritted his teeth and shouted in reply, his voice shaking a bit as he did.
"You leave her out of this! I don't walk away... ...I don't just abandon things... I?"


just a little bit of freewriting.

just to cover all the bases, so i don't leave anyone wondering--
ceros and akai are two entities that exist inside my mind. (yeah i know that sounds horrible. I'm not schizo, i swear.) Akai is the personification of my car (which I love) and Ceros is the personification of myself and my past and present actions.
Neither of them has a definite home or residence. Both of them just wander, which is a reflection of my recent feelings of not belonging where I am now.
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