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Flashback for Flamey.

The net's dusty sand was gently kicked up as a certain catlike navi walked across its plains, her golden brown ears flattened against her head in slight sadness. How long had she been roaming aimlessly? How many days, how many nights? The cat navi was very weary, and setting her lance onto the ground, she collapsed, now laying on the ground helplessly, silent tears falling from her eyes.

"Grainne..." she murmured softly, closing her eyes and blacking out.

Strange eyes peered at her, and all she could do was peer back. Both eyes never left each other, and neither moved for a long time. After what seemed like an eternity, the human female laughed softly, making the navi jump, startled from the sudden sound.

"Konnichiwa..." the human female murmured, making it soft so she wouldn't startle the navi further.

"Koh... nee-chee... wah?" Spoke the navi, slowly, then looked down at the object in her hands suddenly. It was a well built lance that she held, the top wielding two twin moonlike designs with a diamond shaped piece holding them together. Looking at the human again, the navi stared with her cobalt blue eyes. The woman was old... but what was age to the navi? Age really meant nothing to her. Golden locks fell down around the woman's tanned face, and her eyes were a soft green, seeming kind and welcoming to the young navi.

"My name is Grainne, young one."

"My name... is Flame." The navi found herself surprised that she spoke, but then went into a stunned silence, looking at her lance and running her fingers over the delicate and sturdy designwork gently.

Grainne was amused.

Flame didn't have time to register anything before a cup was shoved rudely to her lips, her head tilted upwards.

"Drink," Came the order before a burning liquid poured down her throat, her only choice to swallow it greedily. Opening her eyes for a moment, she met a milky grey-blue gaze before closing them again, turning her head and coughing a few times. The only thing she remembered before blacking out ... was that his eyes were the color of smoke.

* * *

Closing her eyes at the memory, Flame was silent, sensing a presence behind her. She didn't have to look to know who it was.

"When Grainne died... I suddenly realized what death was, and what age meant." She paused a moment before continuing. "I've always wandered... yet somehow, I always end up here."
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