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shoujo-ai (hellfireXflame)

Slanted ruby red eyes snapped open, coming to life, within the boundaries in which they lay. The owner of the eyes shifted, blinking after a few moments, feeling as if she could defy both time and space if she wanted to.

But she didn't want that. What she wanted once more... was revenge. Her counterpart was close - she could smell her. Leaves from a nearby bush rustled, and soon the thing that made the noise was pounced upon, blade to its throat.



The formalities were given in short, quick terms, and nothing more was said for a long time. Hellfire sat atop Flame with her blade to her throat, and Flame proved to be even stronger by not flinching, and not moving.

"You hate yourself."

"What does it matter?"

"It doesn't."

"I can refuse to love myself and still love others." Flame was always quick to reply, not letting Hellfire get the best of her. Sadness remained in her eyes, however, as she continued to look at Hellfire... the other part of her. They both had lied, and they both knew it. Flame had no sister... Hellfire had no sister... they were one in the same.

Leaning forward, Hellfire smirked very slightly, pressing her lips up against her counterpart's, kissing her deeply. When getting no reply, Hellfire drew back, scowling, only to find tears trickling down upon Flame's face. A bit confused, she shivered a bit, staring.

"I'm sorry... but I'm not playing games anymore." Hellfire's eyes went very wide at Flame's remark, and she snarled, leaning forward to kiss her counterpart again, forcefully this time. Flame's tears poured down her face marks as she refused to comply, giving no satisfaction to Hellfire whatsoever.

Astounded beyond belief and now a little pissed off, Hellfire drew back once more, glaring with the upmost hatred - but then she grew even more confused as the hatred dissipated. Now staring into Flame's eyes... she finally understood, both knowing each other well.

"After all... we are one in the same. Not we... though... I."

It seemed as though she was rocking, as if waves carried her. Opening her eyes, she noticed that she was in a room, and that sheets were covering her. Pushing them back weakly, she stood up and wobbled a bit, her arms and legs feeling like lead - heavier than she could manage at this point. Collapsing on the bed, Flame put her head in her hands, letting out a sigh.

A bit surprised, she pulled her hands away to find fresh tears on them. She was crying.


I really don't like the way this turned out. Guess I write really fucked up stuff when I'm depressed though, and I suppose this comes out when my parents can't leave me the fuck alone.

Just... whatever, ya know?
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