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Phantasy Style Unlimited

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Thursday, May 13th, 2004
10:13 pm

He bent over and caressed her face gently, before moving forward to place his lips against hers, softly and slowly. Her eyes widened as he did this, as she was a small bit shorter than he was, and it was quite unexpected.

- - - - -

Welcome back, Netnavi.

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
11:02 pm

Figured I'd share with you story writers. :3


Story starter may give you ideas to write with. I've used it before, and it's kinda neat the stuff you write. For once, with it, I actually started a normal story instead of fantasy, which I usually write.

Have fun >3

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Thursday, January 1st, 2004
9:47 pm

Augh... no one entered for the contest! What to do?!

Baahh. It really isn't that hard to write a story, is it? =\

Anyway... just posting to let you all know it's okay for members to start a contest as well, but no prizes can be allowed, unless you talk to me about it. I'm rather leniant on these things, so don't hesitate to ask. ^^;

And most of all, don't be afraid to introduce yourself! We love getting new members - perhaps with new members we can get this community up on it's toes! ... so to speak.

-- Feth out. <3

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4:07 pm

A light mist hovered over the pool of water, as the maiden walked closer to its edge. Light brown hair dangled in front of her face, while green eyes looked curiously into the water.

That was when she saw what slept within.

Hello, everyone. This is just a short blurb I decided to put up as a hello post to this community. Name's Valk, and I'm a friend of fether's. Looking forward to some comments and criticism over my short piece here.

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
5:38 am - Session! the video's completed!!

Download this. Sure, it's 42mb, but it's worth your time.
I shot all of this video myself and did all the editing--and in some shots, the driving, too.
It's a tribute to my car and those of my buddies at SoCalZ...
I put lots of effort into making this so please give it a looksee...


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Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
6:05 pm - they say we are men in the guise of sticks

"but the truth is,
we are sticks in the guise of men."


It had been many years since anyone, man or machine, had set foot into old Topanga Canyon. The Santa Ana winds rushed through the canyons, whipping about the tall grass that poked up through the cracks of ruined asphalt. In the distance were the last illuminated remains of the city once called "los angeles", other than the stars above, the world was the purest shade of black, devoid of light.
A man, nay, a machine in the guise of a man--, sat perched on a rusted old guardrail, staring down at the few shimmering lights in the distance. His footsteps led up to the guardrail, and out of the canyon-- the only tracks to be found throughout the entire canyon. Not much of anything lived here anymore, except for mice and a few species of birds. There wasn't enough food left up here for the coyotes to eat anymore, since the deer had long since died out, and much of the wildlife had gone with it.
The old ashphalt was beginning to frost over as the wind chilled it to below thirty degrees, but the machoid still didn't move. Its unkempt hair whipped about wildly in the wind, much like the tall grass that had overgrown much of the guardrail that the machine was sitting upon.
The city lights seemed to glare at him, and the machine grimaced, though noone could see it, nor would anyone.

(shit. i've got class. more to this later, and i've still gotta put that line in...)

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5:43 pm

I'm going to go ahead and move the deadline to December 31st, because of writer's block and people not posting. T_T

And if you want examples of my icons and artwork...

Artwork, and Icon Journal.

At the current rate things are going, however... I might have to cancel the contest completely. ._.

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
7:13 am

Another self-introduction, this time by The Unsane One.Collapse )

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Monday, October 27th, 2003
6:15 pm

First contest time! |3 Bahaha.

For this contest, there is no limit to what you write, but it has to be at least 300 words, minimum. There is no maximum limit, but in your story, you have to include the following sentence:

A stray owl hooted above as it landed on a nearby tree branch.

The contest will end November 16th, which gives you a good... four weeks to write the story. It doesn't have to be a full story, though cliffhangers will make me scream (in a good way XD). I will have a few people judge the entries that come in, so that it can be fair. |3

The prize will be either an icon made, or a small picture drawn (depending on what it is) for the winner.

Good luck!

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Monday, October 20th, 2003
4:21 pm

Hmm. Just to help people out, I'm going to give a few pointers on writing. |3
I usually write fantasy, so I'll use a fantasy-type sentence. Let's start out with the following soon-to-be paragraph.

The wind blew over the water. A voice was heard calling. It was dark. The fog hid everything from sight.

That's no good at all, unless you're writing a script. Now, let's start by adding a few descriptive things to the sentences.

The wind blew over the water.
The cool wind blew over the water.

If adding things doesn't seem like enough, add a few more until you think it sounds right.

The cool wind blew gently over the water.

The cool wind blew gently over the still water.

By adding those few words, it makes the sentence more pleasurable to read. If you do the same basic thing to the other two sentences, they'll blend together some. It should look something like this:

The cool wind blew gently over the still water.

By changing the 'A' to an 'An', you can mold it more to your liking, depending on which words you choose to use.

An eerie voice could be heard calling. The sky was dark. The morning fog hid everything from sight.

This paragraph still doesn't seem completed to me. Now, what you need to add next are commas into your sentences, combining them with other sentences and adding more words, as well as mixing and matching.

The cool wind blew gently over the still water, making the surface ripple noiselessly across the pool. The morning fog hid everything from sight, but a soft, eerie voice could be heard calling through the fog, as if beckoning the listener to follow it.

By adding new sentences within the ones I've started with, I've already made an idea for a story to write, and caught the reader's attention. If you noticed, I also described everything a bit further, making the reader feel emotion about the water, the voice, the fog, and what was beyond the fog. I think I succeeded in gaining the emotions curiosity, wonder, mystery, and almost fear and wariness, because the reader doesn't know what's going to happen next.

I hope I helped at least a little bit with this small explanation, and am not pointing this to any of the current members (except myself). XD;

If there's anything else anyone wants me to explain, go ahead and ask, I'll try my best.

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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
4:25 am - burn out the day, burn out the night

Home in the valley
Home in the city
Home isn't pretty
Ain't no home for me...


The stratosphere of this sphere again found itself blotted out by a solid curtain of ash hued clouds, and the dirty air beneath them did not help much either. But in a few places, sunlight broke through the cracks, creating shafts of light onto the ground, as if the divine itself were highlighting the places the light touched.

And in this land of grey and black, smokestack-laden buildings, and people with gray and black souls, the lost, the hopeless, the populous-- two beings stood out. The only decent sized bit of colour to be found for miles and miles in the endless labyrinth of industrial architechture that is the world inside my mind.

Crimson and Azure.
Two humanoids. Neither of which was human, but both looked the part.
One was a machine, the other was the soul of a machine.
Though many would argue that no machine can ever have a soul of its,
it can be given one.

The Azure being was definitely male in build and feature, standing just short of seven feet tall, he was engineered to look good and at the same time, be built enough to be intimidating. He was boyishly featured, and his right eye was almost completely obscured by an abundance of thick hair of sepia hue. What made him so visually striking was the thick body armor that covered him from the neck down, all painted a deep shade of Azure with black accents. A set of obsidian exhaust stacks rose out of the backplate of the armour at the base of base shoulders, and stopped at about neck-level. His name, C-ZERO-S was tattooed onto the back of his neck, although his hair usually obscured it, and because C-ZERO-S was so clunky and difficult to say, he had shortened it to "Ceros".

Unlike the warmachine he was designed to be, one didn't immediately shy away from him. The way he stood and behaved invited one to come closer.

Ceros stood idle, hands at his sides in a somewhat relaxed stance, simply surveying the crimson coloured female directly in front of him. After a moment's pause, he addressed her, speaking up. "...it's time we talked."

Her name did not need to be spoken, one could have guessed what it was simply by looking at her. She was called "Red", but preferred to go by the japanese name of the colour, "Akai".
Akai was exactly like her name would imply. Red virtually everywhere. She was unlike Ceros in almost every way, she was female, for one, she was more human than he would ever be, and she was also much shorter, standing at about 5'5". Deep, dark red eyes, accentuated by lightly bronzed skin and breathtakingly scarlet hair which was kept long, so that it flowed when she moved like the tongues of a flame. When looking in her eyes, it was like she was the one looking into you, she burned into you.
Like her features, she wore red clothing, and wore it tight. She liked to have eyes upon her, and she dressed accordingly to show off her perfect figure-- a relatively low-cut red top matched with a knee length red skirt, held up by a black belt. Around her wrists and ankles were blacked-out, thick bracelets made of rubber with the word "Azeni" engraved in them, but perhaps the most eye-catching thing she wore was a quarter-sized silver medallion, with a blacked out center, and a crimson-hued letter "Z" right in the middle.
She seldom needed to speak, all she really needed to do was look at someone the right way and she could get what she wanted without having to speak a word.

Akai stood completely still for a moment, though her hair did sway with a passing breeze. She was unused to being spoken to directly. She pursed her lips for a moment, thinking of something to say, and as it came to her, a slight smirk crossed her countenance. Then, in the most snide fashion possible, she replied, "It's time you got your head together, and it's also time you stopped trying to speak to me."

Ceros blinked a few times, not quite expecting such a response. "No, if we're both going to exist in this sphere--" he began, and Akai cut him off.
"No, only one of us is going to exist in this sphere. Obviously I'm not going anywhere, so that only leaves you. Goodbye, and don't _ever_ talk to me again, or there will be consequences." And with that, Akai turned her back to Ceros and started walking away.

Akai and Ceros had never met before, and Akai certainly made her intention to never meet again.

Ceros had spent some amount of time in this sphere trying to hunt her down, because of the chaos she kept causing to the world as Ceros knew it, and he wasn't about to just drop it like that. Before Akai had taken three steps away, Ceros had stepped forward, grabbed Akai by the shoulder and turned her around to face him again.
"No, we're not done talking yet. I'm Ceros, and you are Akai. And you've been destroying my world." Ceros growled, still holding onto Akai's shoulder firmly.

Akai grimaced, partially from how tightly he gripped her shoulder, and partially from the blame he was placing on her. "...I haven't destroyed a thing. Your world coming apart is all your own doing, none of mine." She moved to break her shoulder free of his hold, and found that she had no such luck. Ceros tightened his grip.
"you're a bad liar."
She gritted her teeth and glared at him, her crimson eyes aglow with the seething anger and disgust with the blame he placed on her, she felt she had nothing to do with it.
"I have nothing to do with you, and there's nothing wrong with your world. There has never been, and you're inventing things in the absence of nothing being wrong simply out of frustration and a need for disorder. This is your fault, and it has absolutely nothing to do with me."
Again she feigned responsibility, and turned the focus back to Ceros.

Her words cut into Ceros, the same way that a knife cuts into one's body when its blade is sheathed in your flesh. He couldn't take it and looked away, releasing Akai's shoulder.

She could've run now, but she didn't. She'd found the soft spot on him, the proverbial chink in his emotional armor, and being naturally sadistic, she was going to make him suffer. Her eyes narrowed and she grinned maliciously. This was going to be fun.

"You don't belong here, neither do I. I was brought here by someone else. You have noone to blame but yourself for how you got to where you are now, you've noone to blame but yourself for the situation you've emplaced yourself within. Isn't that right? Isn't it true that you're the one that always walks away from everything when you run into difficulties? Isn't it true that you always walk off on that poor girl Nozomi?"

Ceros gritted his teeth and shouted in reply, his voice shaking a bit as he did.
"You leave her out of this! I don't walk away... ...I don't just abandon things... ...do I?"


just a little bit of freewriting.

just to cover all the bases, so i don't leave anyone wondering--
ceros and akai are two entities that exist inside my mind. (yeah i know that sounds horrible. I'm not schizo, i swear.) Akai is the personification of my car (which I love) and Ceros is the personification of myself and my past and present actions.
Neither of them has a definite home or residence. Both of them just wander, which is a reflection of my recent feelings of not belonging where I am now.

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Friday, September 12th, 2003
4:16 am - black and blue and broken bone

this is a little bit of writing i've had stuck in my head for quite some time. this is entirely a work of fiction.
i have never done any of this, yet it is entirely autobiographical.
this is a description of the visions I keep having-- premonitions in my dreams.
it occurs again and again, but the ending varies.
self destruction by virtue of one's own endeavours,
or ressurection of the will of the divine.

it's not really fantasy, but it's writing nonetheless.

i don't want to kill everyone else's posts, so just click here.

Read more...Collapse )

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
11:20 am

Hmm. Been thinking for awhile how to get new members. I love writing, but... eesh, life has been busy. @_@

We need new members! And we need icons! Rarrr. *gnaws on inactive people* We need stories. XD

*bounces out*

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Sunday, April 27th, 2003
9:42 pm - shoujo-ai (hellfireXflame)

Slanted ruby red eyes snapped open, coming to life, within the boundaries in which they lay. The owner of the eyes shifted, blinking after a few moments, feeling as if she could defy both time and space if she wanted to.

But she didn't want that. What she wanted once more... was revenge. Her counterpart was close - she could smell her. Leaves from a nearby bush rustled, and soon the thing that made the noise was pounced upon, blade to its throat.



The formalities were given in short, quick terms, and nothing more was said for a long time. Hellfire sat atop Flame with her blade to her throat, and Flame proved to be even stronger by not flinching, and not moving.

"You hate yourself."

"What does it matter?"

"It doesn't."

"I can refuse to love myself and still love others." Flame was always quick to reply, not letting Hellfire get the best of her. Sadness remained in her eyes, however, as she continued to look at Hellfire... the other part of her. They both had lied, and they both knew it. Flame had no sister... Hellfire had no sister... they were one in the same.

Leaning forward, Hellfire smirked very slightly, pressing her lips up against her counterpart's, kissing her deeply. When getting no reply, Hellfire drew back, scowling, only to find tears trickling down upon Flame's face. A bit confused, she shivered a bit, staring.

"I'm sorry... but I'm not playing games anymore." Hellfire's eyes went very wide at Flame's remark, and she snarled, leaning forward to kiss her counterpart again, forcefully this time. Flame's tears poured down her face marks as she refused to comply, giving no satisfaction to Hellfire whatsoever.

Astounded beyond belief and now a little pissed off, Hellfire drew back once more, glaring with the upmost hatred - but then she grew even more confused as the hatred dissipated. Now staring into Flame's eyes... she finally understood, both knowing each other well.

"After all... we are one in the same. Not we... though... I."

It seemed as though she was rocking, as if waves carried her. Opening her eyes, she noticed that she was in a room, and that sheets were covering her. Pushing them back weakly, she stood up and wobbled a bit, her arms and legs feeling like lead - heavier than she could manage at this point. Collapsing on the bed, Flame put her head in her hands, letting out a sigh.

A bit surprised, she pulled her hands away to find fresh tears on them. She was crying.


I really don't like the way this turned out. Guess I write really fucked up stuff when I'm depressed though, and I suppose this comes out when my parents can't leave me the fuck alone.

Just... whatever, ya know?

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Monday, April 21st, 2003
4:14 pm - blindness

Sleep drifted away from her like a blanket slipping off, and the young female wondered where she was. Lying on the bed, she wondered why it was so dark. Had she been out for only a few hours? Was it nighttime? Raissa couldn't tell.

Sitting up, she instantly regretted it as a wave of sickness washed over her, and her hands instnatly raised to press to her forehead, only to recoil in feeling something wrapped around her head. Stifling the feeling of sickness, she slowly felt the bandage around her head, and a wave of panic mixed with the feeling of sickness.

"Flame?" Her voice called out softly. She recieved no answer, and her hands searched around, soon feeling a nearby table, and brushing against a foreign object. It crashed to the floor, shattering, making Rai jump and recoil, falling completely silent.

She couldn't see.

Shivering, Raissa made no more motions, but sat, waiting... and listening.

No sounds could be heard. Raising her hands up once more, Raissa felt the bandage on her head again, trying to find a way to unwrap it. Footsteps were heard entering the room, and her hands were forcefully pried away.

"Nice to see that you're awake... Raissa." Alarmed, she snapped her hands away.

"Who... are you?! How do you--" Her mouth was covered.

"Shh. It's alright. You can call me Daisuke." The tall man that she couldn't see shifted, now sitting cross legged upon an armless chair beside her.

"W-where am I?" She started to calm down, but panicked again. "Where's Flame?!" Relaxing fully as her PET was pressed into her hands, she clutched it silently, hanging her head.

"Your navi's on the net - my navi's trying to find her." There was a long pause, after he spoke.

"Why... can't I see?" Raissa asked calmly. Daisuke took a deep breath, turning away.

"Gospel wanted you... and when they couldn't have you, I suppose that their intent was to blind you. I'm not so sure it worked, but you had a huge gash, nonetheless." Daisuke let out a sigh. "It's gonna be like that for awhile... but I'll be around if you need me."

"Thanks..." She murmured softly, giving a sad smile. Her fingers stroked the PET absent mindedly, and she laid back once more, letting her mind drift and sleep claim her.

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Saturday, March 29th, 2003
4:14 pm - Flashback for Flamey.

The net's dusty sand was gently kicked up as a certain catlike navi walked across its plains, her golden brown ears flattened against her head in slight sadness. How long had she been roaming aimlessly? How many days, how many nights? The cat navi was very weary, and setting her lance onto the ground, she collapsed, now laying on the ground helplessly, silent tears falling from her eyes.

"Grainne..." she murmured softly, closing her eyes and blacking out.

Strange eyes peered at her, and all she could do was peer back. Both eyes never left each other, and neither moved for a long time. After what seemed like an eternity, the human female laughed softly, making the navi jump, startled from the sudden sound.

"Konnichiwa..." the human female murmured, making it soft so she wouldn't startle the navi further.

"Koh... nee-chee... wah?" Spoke the navi, slowly, then looked down at the object in her hands suddenly. It was a well built lance that she held, the top wielding two twin moonlike designs with a diamond shaped piece holding them together. Looking at the human again, the navi stared with her cobalt blue eyes. The woman was old... but what was age to the navi? Age really meant nothing to her. Golden locks fell down around the woman's tanned face, and her eyes were a soft green, seeming kind and welcoming to the young navi.

"My name is Grainne, young one."

"My name... is Flame." The navi found herself surprised that she spoke, but then went into a stunned silence, looking at her lance and running her fingers over the delicate and sturdy designwork gently.

Grainne was amused.

Flame didn't have time to register anything before a cup was shoved rudely to her lips, her head tilted upwards.

"Drink," Came the order before a burning liquid poured down her throat, her only choice to swallow it greedily. Opening her eyes for a moment, she met a milky grey-blue gaze before closing them again, turning her head and coughing a few times. The only thing she remembered before blacking out ... was that his eyes were the color of smoke.

* * *

Closing her eyes at the memory, Flame was silent, sensing a presence behind her. She didn't have to look to know who it was.

"When Grainne died... I suddenly realized what death was, and what age meant." She paused a moment before continuing. "I've always wandered... yet somehow, I always end up here."

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Tuesday, January 14th, 2003
12:07 am

"So tell me... Flame." Hellfire laughed, walking around the tied up cat'ploid, reveling that she was superior to the weaker 'bot, despite her earlier would from her own sword, and despite the fact bandages were tied heavily around her own waist to quench the blood. "How do you feel... how do you feel after I've stolen your image and forced you to become a monster... forced you to look like one?"

Raising her eyes, Flame didn't answer, but defiantly stared at Hellfire... her Maverick self. Her red-eyed... sister... that wore so little, that wore just enough to cover everything, yet still reveal herself in the most disgusting way possible. She herself had full armor on.. resembling both Zero's and X's in a way, but yet still held her own design, her own sense of style. Even through fighting... she had found her own style... and Hellfire... was the copycat.

"Bitch..." Hellfire spat, kicking Flame's head sideways, hearing a small snap. Wincing as she felt her neck snap slightly, Flame didn't even protest, looking up once again through her auburn locks.

"Why aren't you mad?! I made you look like a monster!!" Hellfire grinned... and laughed, almost insanely.

"Shows... what.. you know..." Flame coughed, spitting up blood despite the effort she tried to hold it back with her own fanged teeth.

"How DARE you defy me?!" Hellfire screamed, breathing heavily in anger as she brought her fist across Flame's other cheek. Moving on the chain in the middle of the room slightly from the impact, Flame didn't move... she couldn't move. She was bound and tied by thick and well tied ropes, as well as bleeding in many places... it made her rather uncomfortable, especially since a 'part' of her was beating the hell out of her. No... it wasn't a part of her... it never was. It had always been her twin... the twin that would do anything to get her out of the way... for her own selfish reasons.

"WHY?!" Hellfire cried, screaming in Flame's cat-like ears. "You've always remained strong, even when I've KILLED YOU!! Why can't you STAY DEAD?!?!"

"Because... there are those... that need me... more than my needs need themselves..." Flame coughed violently, trailing off and unable to finish.

"...you bitch." Hellfire - no - Atsui narrowed her eyes and growled slightly, walking out of the room without a further word.

"X..." Flame murmured after Atsui had left, hanging her head and sobbing quietly, wishing she could pass out... but could not. Her body forbade her to... she was a warrior, not a weakling like Hellfire.

"I love you... X..." she coughed, spilling more of her own blood upon her chest, feeling sickened. A bit dizzy, she raised her head to clear her mind of the blood, biting her tongue and holding her nose, just in case the stench did reach her.

I love you, X.... Her body shook in spasms, and she soon blacked out.

The stench of blood did get to her, after all.

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Thursday, January 9th, 2003
4:24 pm - Zealot

A man garbed in bright white and dark blue stood looking up at the ruined entrance of this region's Maverick Hunter base. His nose wrinkled in disappointment and disgust at this fortress' current condition.

Running a gauntlet covered hand through his snow white hair, he marched into the building as this base's new lead commander. After the supposed war between the mavericks in this region and the current maverick hunters, he was sent here by the human military to take care of things since it was reported that many were lost in that battle, along with Mega Man X.

Sniffing the desolate air, he found that there was absolutely no one patroling or even guarding this base! "What are these fools doin'..?" he wondered to himself aloud in his accented voice. "Thare could be a Mav'rick attack anytime!" He shook his head in full disapproval at the conditions that surrounded him.

"Hiya!!" yelled a shrill, playful voice. The new commander spun around in alarm, and at first glance, he found that he was facing no one. However, upon searching for this voice, he tilted his head downwards and was surprised to see a young girl with short, black hair, and two different colored eyes staring up at him with a smile.

"A littlun!? Are these loafers out o' their mind?"

"...Loaf-er?" The 'littlun' named Myunin blinked her gray and copper eyes at the knight. He was a knight, right? "Um... I think there's bread in the cafeteria."

The commander merely blinked at the little one with icy eyes and sighed. "Where are yer parents, littlun? This 'ere base ain't for youngin's like you."

"Um..." she thought for a moment, tapping the side of her head. "I dunno where Mama and Papa are and RenRen and Allegro-person too. I think they went somewhere but I don't know. How come you talk weird?"

"Ach.. mayhaps you are an orphen?" he asked, ignoring her last question.

"What's an orphen?" she asked without a clue.

"...." He frowned at her. Were his icy eyes thawing? "A littlun without a mam' or da'"

"Ooooh.. well, I don't know any orphens! RenRen, Allegro-person, and I have Mama and Papa!"

"Y'sure, littlun?" he asked skeptically.

"Uh huh!!!" she yelled, getting a little frustrated with his weird questions. She didn't like these questions, and frowned deeply at him, her bottom lip sticking out.

"Ach.. don't be givin' me such a look, littlun." His eyes hardened again, and gave her a glare.

She gave him an equally menacing glare. "I don't like you!!" she whined.

He sighed heavilly and ran a hand through his hair once again, rolling his ice blue eyes. "I don't think I like you either."

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Wednesday, January 8th, 2003
10:23 pm - Starlight Dream

The sounds of rapid hoofbeats blurred into a dull roar over the torn land, but ebony eyes stared straight ahead at her goal far in the distance, not bothering to take in the carnage she'd seen so many times before.

Beneath her, her steed heaved but continued at his pace, silver mane flying behind him as if the wind itself, his black flank covered in a thin layer of matting sweat. The dark skies swirled menacingly above; it would soon snow again, she mused.

The bodies of long- and newly-dead reploids lay strewn about the red and white landscape, devoid of life in every sense and reminding her of the cold paintings of hell she'd studied back him.

"An icy hell," she murmured alone. "Perhaps it needs but a spark to melt it."

She rode on, her swords thudding against her back as Dark Star galloped on, toward HQ.

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7:48 pm

"DAEDAE!!" a shrill voice exclaimed, tackling the demonic reploid to the ground. Daemon made a small 'oof' as she had just walked in the door. The reploid that hugged her tightly was small but well built, albeit short. She may have looked like a child, but was in fact, far from it.

"Hey... I can tell you missed me, Kidz." she chuckled lightly.

"Damn right I did! Us American repliroids have to stick together!" she gave a fanged grin to her demonic friend.

"I can tell you got upgraded last time I saw you..." Daemon murmured, sitting up and glancing over her friend.

"Yeah," Kidz replied, blushing, and standing up to turn around, showing herself slightly off. Kidz wasn't that tall, but wasn't really that short, either. She stood about a foot and a half lower than Dae, measuring about 4 feet and 4 inches tall. Blonde hair cascaded down to her waist, and golden eyes matching the smile on her pale face as she grinned. Her armor was white with golden features, and her fingers and cheeks were smudged with oil and dirt. Kidz was the technician of the group, but that didn't fool Dae one bit - she was one hell of a fighter.

"You look great, Kidz." Daemon grinned and stood up, wrapping an arm around her friend's shoulders, walking down the hallway. "What all happened while I was away...?" Kidz's eyes went bright as she started explaining what exactly happened, apparently excited.

It was hours before Daemon could get away, walking into the headmaster's office, breathing a sigh of relief. The headmaster's head snapped up, his eyes widening in realization.

"Daemon?!!" he exclaimed, obviously surprised.

"Yeah, I'm back," she murmured, glancing over his mussy brown hair and darkish armor. "I wanted to request..."

Kidz grinned to herself as she leaned against the doorway, waiting for Daemon to get out. The door opened with a creak and the demonic reploid sighed as she walked out.

"Hey... what's up?" Kidz asked, looking up at her friend.

"You'll see... but I have to wait until the headmaster gives further approval. And on top of that, I need a room to spend the night in." Daemon idly scratched her cheek over her black face mark.

"Hmm... we have a room available." She grinned slyly.

"Lovely," Daemon replied sarcastically. "Who's it with?"

"You'll find out for yourself," Kidz laughed, leading Daemon to her room.

Hours later as Daemon was sitting in the drab room, she heard a click of the door and shifted to face the wall. The reploid walked in and glanced around, letting out a sigh.

"New roommate?" he droned, sounding somewhat displeased.

"You could say that..." she murmured, grinning.

"Whatever..." he flopped on the bed and looked at her. "For some reason... you remind me of an old friend..." he murmured with another sigh, closing his eyes. "Well... goodnight." Daemon remained silent and curled up, staring at the ring Forte gave to her until sleep finally overcame her tired body.


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