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A man garbed in bright white and dark blue stood looking up at the ruined entrance of this region's Maverick Hunter base. His nose wrinkled in disappointment and disgust at this fortress' current condition.

Running a gauntlet covered hand through his snow white hair, he marched into the building as this base's new lead commander. After the supposed war between the mavericks in this region and the current maverick hunters, he was sent here by the human military to take care of things since it was reported that many were lost in that battle, along with Mega Man X.

Sniffing the desolate air, he found that there was absolutely no one patroling or even guarding this base! "What are these fools doin'..?" he wondered to himself aloud in his accented voice. "Thare could be a Mav'rick attack anytime!" He shook his head in full disapproval at the conditions that surrounded him.

"Hiya!!" yelled a shrill, playful voice. The new commander spun around in alarm, and at first glance, he found that he was facing no one. However, upon searching for this voice, he tilted his head downwards and was surprised to see a young girl with short, black hair, and two different colored eyes staring up at him with a smile.

"A littlun!? Are these loafers out o' their mind?"

"...Loaf-er?" The 'littlun' named Myunin blinked her gray and copper eyes at the knight. He was a knight, right? "Um... I think there's bread in the cafeteria."

The commander merely blinked at the little one with icy eyes and sighed. "Where are yer parents, littlun? This 'ere base ain't for youngin's like you."

"Um..." she thought for a moment, tapping the side of her head. "I dunno where Mama and Papa are and RenRen and Allegro-person too. I think they went somewhere but I don't know. How come you talk weird?"

"Ach.. mayhaps you are an orphen?" he asked, ignoring her last question.

"What's an orphen?" she asked without a clue.

"...." He frowned at her. Were his icy eyes thawing? "A littlun without a mam' or da'"

"Ooooh.. well, I don't know any orphens! RenRen, Allegro-person, and I have Mama and Papa!"

"Y'sure, littlun?" he asked skeptically.

"Uh huh!!!" she yelled, getting a little frustrated with his weird questions. She didn't like these questions, and frowned deeply at him, her bottom lip sticking out.

"Ach.. don't be givin' me such a look, littlun." His eyes hardened again, and gave her a glare.

She gave him an equally menacing glare. "I don't like you!!" she whined.

He sighed heavilly and ran a hand through his hair once again, rolling his ice blue eyes. "I don't think I like you either."
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